Brainstorm to Success

Who We Are

Public Shift helps individuals or organizations connect with the people they serve, in a way that helps improve their community.

Call us if you need help responding to a public shift in attitudes or if you want to mobilize a public shift.

We create and strengthen meaningful connections through public relations, strategic communications and public consultation, based on a goal to foster long-term relationships.

With more than 20 years of experience in communications and engagement, we deliver strategies that work.

Public Shift's clients include government organizations, agencies, non-profits, new leaders, community groups, entrepreneurs, and start-up firms. We work with leaders who strive for better communities based on rich participation and social justice.

Our approach relies on transparency, respect and effective sharing of ideas and knowledge in a community.

We help achieve one or more of these objectives in each project: increase awareness; change perceptions; motivate participation; and/or influence behaviour. 

You gain the best ways to connect, engage, mobilize and inspire the people in your community to meet your goals.

Business Areas

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  • Media strategy

  • Interview preparation

  • News release development and dissemination

  • Presentations that work

  • Spokesperson coaching

  • Campaign management

  • Crisis communications

  • Issues and reputation management

  • Social media strategy

  • Promotions

  • Advocacy

  • Newsletter management

  • Web presence planning and implementation

Business Meeting
  • Organizational communications strategy

  • Project/issue communications plans

  • Communications audits

  • Disaster preparations (MERP and incident plans)

  • Crisis and reputation management 

  • Social media resourcing and strategy

  • Campaign implementation

  • Brand development

  • Internal/culture communications

  • Organizational change communications

  • Advocacy and network mobilization

  • Marketing

  • Online community recruitment

  • Survey development and deployment

  • Community consultation

  • Community advocacy

  • Public input planning and management

  • Meeting facilitation

  • Public forums

  • Participatory democracy

  • Stakeholder relations

  • Community leadership development

  • Capacity building for community-based decisions

  • Community dialogue

  • Civil society engagement


Full-Service Agency to Meet Your Needs

Public Shift has a variety of specializations and depth of experience in the range of communications and engagement activities. We can provide full spectrum services from planning to tactical implementation and measurement, or stand-alone pieces in your larger strategy. We provide these three business areas:

Training and Coaching

Learn best practices - fast

We will help your talented team or leaders incorporate effective methods customized to meet your objectives.

We specialize in media interview preparation for new or seasoned spokespeople, coaching for leadership in times of change, and team training for aligning communications plans with business strategy. We have mentored hundreds of communications professionals over the past two decades in event planning, media relations and strategic planning.


A solid road map to success

Our decades of strategic communications planning experience on a wide range of challenges will help you make an effective plan. We work with you to develop strategic plans for marketing services, mobilizing action, building your reputation, engaging stakeholders or preparing for a crisis.

We can provide basic help with issue analysis and advice, detailed research, and performance auditing, measurement and recommendations.

Getting Things Done

Implementing good plans

Public Shift uses the most effective tactics to achieve communications objectives. 
We can implement your: disaster/crisis public relations; social media campaigns; communications documents; advertising; presentations; meeting facilitation; public input surveys; media relations services; and web development. We also provide: speakers for communications industry events; content development or editing for web, media relations, newsletters, presentations or reports.